Solid Mechanics

Excited to share that I will be commencing a lecture series on 'Solid Mechanics' hosted by the Institute of Smart Structures & Systems. This will be a part of their PMRF lecture series.

This graduate-level course is tailor-made for students who are keen to delve deep into the intricacies of solid mechanics utilized across engineering and sciences.

đź”— The link for the series will be up soon. Keep an eye out, and stay tuned for more updates!

Engineering Mathematics

Delighted to share that I've successfully conducted weekly live sessions for the NPTEL course, 'Engineering Mathematics II', delivered by Prof. Jitendra Kumar from IIT Kharagpur. The course code is noc23-ma25.

This entry-level course delves into fundamental mathematics crucial for undergraduate studies across sciences and engineering. Encompassing a rich tapestry of subjects like complex analysis, numerical analysis, vector calculus, and transform techniques, we also explore their pertinent applications to a spectrum of engineering challenges.

If you missed out or wish to revisit the lectures, they have been systematically recorded and are available for you on the NPTEL course website and the NPTEL YouTube channel. Dive into the bedrock of engineering mathematics with us!

Introduction to Numerical Methods

Pleased to announce that I recently concluded a lecture series titled 'Introduction to Numerical Methods'. This course was facilitated by the Institute of Smart Structures & Systems under their esteemed PMRF lecture series.

This is an entry-level course for students keen on understanding numerical methods employed in engineering and sciences.

The sessions have been meticulously recorded and uploaded on the ISSS module website. The course code is ISSS026-2022. Interested parties may visit the ISSS website for further details.


Solid Mechanics

Conducted weekly live sessions for the NPTEL course titled 'Solid Mechanics', presented by Prof. Ajeet Kumar from IIT Delhi. The course code is noc22-me70.

This is an entry-level course designed for students eager to gain insights into the mechanics of solids and comprehend the engineering structures surrounding us.

The lectures are diligently recorded and released weekly on the NPTEL course website and the NPTEL YouTube channel. Join us and delve deep into the fascinating world of solid mechanics!